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iOS Jailbreak

Latest Jailbreak News and Updates

What is iOS jailbreaking? The meaning of iOS jailbreaking can be identified as “Removing iOS restrictions and limitations from any Apple devices”. Jailbreak iOS concept and process has started as iPhone came to the public in 2007 and still it is continuing as new iOS releasing even in present day. So, Apple Inc. responds with jailbreaking by patching iOS with more exploits and new hardware. After finish the iOS jailbreak process it will add an app installers such as Cydia. If you Cydia download after jailbreak your iOS device. It lets you to make anything in order to customize your idevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) as you needed, and lets you to install third party apps from third party app store then you can modify your device.

iOS Jailbreak Teams in The Community

There are couple of jailbreaking teams that provide iOS jailbreak tools such as “evasi0n, Pangu and TaiG” to the people those who are looking for jailbreak their devices.


Pangu team is a Chinese team who are developing jailbreak tools in this iOS community. They have released jailbreak tools for iOS 7.1 - iOS 7.1.2, iOS 8.0 - iOS 8.1, iOS 9.0 - iOS 9.1.


TaiG is also a Chinese jailbreaking team who could release iOS jailbreak tools for iOS 8.0 - iOS 8.4.


In this jailbreak team has released jailbreak iOS 6.0 - iOS 6.1.2, iOS 7.0 - iOS 7.0.6 for all idevices on Windows, Mac as well as Linux. Over 7 million people has downloaded this tool to install Cydia within first four days just after it released.

Important Points to Know Before you Jailbreak your Device

So, when jailbreak is happened consumer or payable softwares can be installed via pirate app stores called Cydia. This is the main concern to avoid jailbreaking and try to protect iOS from third party apps.

Considering about legal status, jailbreaking is legal for your iphone as the US government concerning. The DMCA is recognized that the opinions of the EFF to let users freedom to add idevice jailbreaking to anti- circumvention requirements.

What Apple says is, do not jailbreaking, as you would imagine. They stand steadfastly to opposite the jailbreaking. Therefore the Apple updates the iOS usually to prevent any kind of Users should have a doubt, if may be something goes wrong, can they back again or fix their iphone. Sometimes users have to attend to connection about idevice to iTunes and restore the device back to original settings, that is resolved the doubt. Thts is one of the most important feature on iOS devices.

iOS Jailbreak Latest Status

Jailbreak iOS 10.01 Status

iOS 10 is the latest major update of in the 2016. Apple released iOS 10 and iOS 10.0.1 13th September. There are various new features on iOS 10.0.1. Still there is not any proper jailbreak iOS 10.0.1 tool released by Pangu or TaiG teams. However, there is a hope. We've heard some news about iOS 10 jailbreak from Pangu team. They are exploring the major exploits of iOS 10.0.1 version.

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 Status

Apple already has released iOS 9.3.3 beta to the developers on 23rd May. In our experience we know that iOS 9.3.3 will be released by fixing more bugs which can be found in iOS 9.3.2. So, the big problem is that what will happen to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3? There is a hope on jailbreak iOS 9.3.3, the Italian hacker “Luca Todesco” again released a demonstration video on iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak beta 1.

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 Status

As the current version of Apple, iOS 9.3.2 has released by fixing many bugs that could found with iOS 9.3.1. Therefore everyone is looking for jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 to install Cydia on the idevices. The popular hacker “Luca Todesco” could demonstrate jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 via a demonstration video, but it didn’t came to the public. However all most all jailbreak developers engage to release a jailbreak tool as soon as possible to the public. It means that still we can not jailbreak iOS 9.3.2.

Jailbreak Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Jailbreaking iOS?

Jailbreaking iOS is the program that remove restrictions from the idevice executed by Apple, it helps to root iOS and supports to customize the device. Then it allows user to download and install third party as well as pirate apps on the device.

Is the jailbreaking iOS legal?

Yes, according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) in October, 2015 has exempted to jailbreak iOS and install Cydia on idevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Can remove jailbreak?

Yes, you can. Only thing you want to do is connect to the iTunes via PC and restore the device; then restore the date that you backuped to the cloud with iTunes or else iCloud.